Jungle Gyms and Playgrounds

Exercise through play, that is what we at Jungle Jim believe. That is why we develop our jungle gyms to help your children to develop balance and co-ordination. Our playgrounds that includes swings, climbing frames, see-saws, tree-houses and many more, will not only keep your children playing for hours on end, but it will also help them with the development of there motor skills, balance and co-ordination.

From schools and municipalities to homes, where there are children, you will find a jungle gym playground, swing, slide or climbing frame developed, installed and maintained by our team.

Our wide range of jungle gyms comes in wood or steel.

Our superior quality jungle gyms range from swings to tree-house, from slides to see-saws. We can setup a jungle gym that will keep your children happy for hours.

At Jungle Jim, we started with good quality, simple, functional  playgrounds like see-saws, slides and swings with the emphasis on “exercise through play”. The original range of jungle gyms have steadily increased and “evolved” through the years to include units like climbing frames, balancing beams and monkey swings. With input from teachers, occupational therapists and parents, our range of jungle gyms increased to help with the developing your child's gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination.


Our development team is constantly developing and refining our jungle gyms and  playgrounds for the best in children's playtime. When it comes to jungle gyms, we strive to set the standards for innovation, durability, safety, play, appeal and value for money.

Do you have an existing jungle gym, swing, climbing frame, slide or see-saw, we can maintain and repair it for you.