Heavy Duty Steel Jungle Gyms and Playgrounds

At Jungle Jim c.c., we can offer you a wide range of heavy duty steel jungle gyms and playgrounds.

All our heavy duty steel jungle gyms and playgrounds can be adapted to suit your space availability and budget. You can thus select a basic structure and modify it by adding slides, swings, bridges and many more.


Start with one platform and roof add on according to your budget or requirements.

You can add slides, ramps, ladders, fireman's poles, balancing beams and/or tunnels to your jungle gym.  

  • Balancing BeamBalancing Beam
  • Ball Fireman's PoleBall Fireman's Pole
  • Commando ClimberCommando Climber
  • Drum TunnelDrum Tunnel
  • SlideSlide
  • Fixed BridgeFixed Bridge
  • Fireman's PoleFireman's Pole
  • Horse Shoe LadderHorse Shoe Ladder
  • Log LadderLog Ladder
  • Loop Fireman's PoleLoop Fireman's Pole
  • Loop LadderLoop Ladder
  • Ramp withy GripsRamp withy Grips