Wooden Jungle Gyms and Playgrounds

At Jungle Jim c.c., we can offer you a wide range of wooden jungle gyms, tree houses and playgrounds. These units can be divided into four main categories. The Playground series, the Balance and Co-ordination series, the Trim park series and the Just for Fun series.  

All our wooden jungle gyms and playgrounds can be adapted to suit your space availability and budget. You can thus select a basic structure and modify it by adding slides, swings, bridges and many more.

We use C.C.A. (Tanalith) treated gum poles for all our jungle gyms, tree houses and playground units. This treatment is in accordance with S.A.B.S. standards.

The decking for all our tree houses and playground units is constructed from pine plank's (25 x 114mm) and for bridge's (38 x 114mm), which have stood the test of time and abuse from high usage.

All playground and tree house units can be supplied with timber or net roofs. 

All structures is bolted with coach bolt's, bridge's and swing we use 5mm chain.  All platforms and roof planks is secure with wood screws.  All planks is treated with an oil based weather proofing solvent. 

Colour can be introduced to the jungle gyms by painting the ends of the poles with coloured enamel paint.  Slides can also be added to all jungle gyms, tree houses and playgrounds for a wonderful splash of colour to the structure. 

A weather proofing treatment is applied to all jungle gyms, tree houses and playground structures after completion which adds to the perfect finish of your kid’s wooden playground.

For the D.I.Y enthusiast, Jungle Jim c.c. offers a D.I.Y. option to all playgrounds and jungle gyms. This units are easy to assemble.  The poles are pre-drilled and numbered – the main components of the structure are pre-assembled in our factory.  All kits are supplied with detailed instructions, hardware and sealants etc. required to assemble the unit.